Black Lives Matter

It is our responsibility to state, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter. The work that must be done is not only for businesses (big or small), and it extends far deeper than instagram squares and emails. It is a nation- and world-wide undertaking that has been put off for far too long. However, it is our express duty as a brand to create the business and the community we wish to see in the world. We are committed to this work. We are a brand focused wholly on the female experience, with roots in communities of female artisans across the world. The inequality facing Black women in the Unites States and beyond is unacceptable to us, and we are committed to the movement to uplift, amplify, celebrate, and make reparations to Black women. 
We are taking the following action steps as a company: donation, amplification, investment, education and representation. Pondichérie has donated to Color of Change, Black Mamas Matter, Black Girl Ventures, Consider Something Better, and the NAACP. We are also listing important organizations below where we will continue to invest and encourage you to join us. We also encourage those who are interested in learning more to join us in reading and listening to Black educators and creatives. A great starting list of articles, podcasts, books and films has been compiled by our friends at The Helm (as well as movement builders to follow and Black owned companies to support). We will also be highlighting incredible Black artists, designers, and entrepreneurs in our monthly newsletters and on our social media. We will focus on representation and inclusivity within Pondichérie imagery, an area that has always been important to us but must continue to improve. For the duration of July, 100% of the sales from our Jaya caftan will be donated to Consider Something Better, an initiative to create access and provide funding for the next generation of Black female entrepreneurs. 
We are so grateful for our loving, supportive, and conscious community. Pondichérie exists because of strong, empathetic, and creative women from a myriad of backgrounds. Over the past few weeks we have seen such an outpouring of love and determination. It is our honor to come together with you at this time. We will be regularly updating you on our actions and commitments. 
With love,
Devon, Founder & Designer
INVEST & DONATE - Invest in Black female entrepreneurs - Invest in Black female entrepreneurs - Support the health & protection of Black mothers - Support healing, therapy & empowerment for Black women & girls - Invest in Black female entrepreneurs - Support justice reform, racial justice & public education - Support equal rights & the fight to end discrimination - Support criminal & media justice reform plus tech & economic justice
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