Happy International Women's Day

Dear friends,
On a day of international remembrance of women everywhere, I feel moved to send a quick note of my own recognizing the women who have made Pondichérie possible. Some of you I have met and been inspired by personally; others have bolstered my spirit and my resolve from afar.

Before launching the Pondichérie line, I worked in the non-profit sector on projects that focused on uplifting women and girls. I have recently joined a new industry, but my goals have remained the same.

With Pondichérie, I have melded my love of textiles with my deep desire to support women. From our pattern-makers to our textile weavers to our graphic designers, Pondichérie is a brand fortified by women. I am proud to be a part of the current movement in the style and fashion industries to push towards greater sustainability, and to promote transparency in garment manufacturing. It is our aim to provide women with chic, timeless clothing and to highlight the work of the artisans behind each piece. In essence, Pondichérie is a line designed and manufactured by women, for women.

So to the women who work on and who wear Pondichérie, thank you. 


Devon Fisher

Cover Image via Planoly