Pondi Travels: Honeymoon in Morocco

I've always been drawn to Morocco. I know I am not alone when I write this. There is something in the colors, the spices, the gardens, the culture, the textiles, and the architecture that is both alluring and elusive to the Western traveler. After our dreamlike wedding on my home island of Kauai, Chase and I packed our bags and embarked on an excursion to a place so unlike our day-to-day in New York. From the language to the interiors to the time zone, I expected our trip to be in direct contrast to our regular lives. I did not know that Morocco itself is a land of contrasts, and that the calculated practice of contrariety is one of the beautiful and defining aspects of Morocco's culture.



Morocco is home to a use of color that is at once excessively playful and acutely practiced. From the hot pinks woven into Azilal rugs to all-white lattice towers to rooms made up of 1,000 shades of navy, nothing impressed me more than the uniquely Moroccan appreciation and use of color. This daring finds itself also in their use of spices and masterful contrasts of flavor. And if the food and the architecture and the unparalleled textiles are not enough, there are Moroccan gardens. Fruit trees, leaves of every shape, and petals of every imaginable hue find their way over and around an ever-present feature of cascading or pooled water. It's heaven.


We began our trip in Marrakesh and fell in love with the the ornate gardens and courtyards in the riads we visited. After 4 days of exploring the bustling kasbah we ventured to the vast expanse of Sahara for a desert safari adventure. Our camp tents were draped in patterned textiles and sparkling lanterns and led to by sprawling rugs in those dreamy, saturated colors. As a designer, I found myself fascinated with and in awe of these textiles, and with the endlessly ornate tile work that would be unimaginable to stumble upon at home in the US, but is everywhere in Morocco. I think to truly appreciate it all, another trip is most definitely in order. 

Where we stayed:

La Mamounia in Marrakech / Kasbah Tamadot Hotel in the Atlas Mountains / Desert Camp Safari in the Sahara Desert