Wearing + Caring for your Pondichérie Caftans

With each piece carefully crafted and hand-spun, they require lots of love once in your arms just as they do throughout the process of making them. To ensure the most time with your caftan, we've compiled a list of recommendations for the best ways to wear and care for it.

Our pieces are perfect for throwing on top of a bikini or lounging at home, but they also can be dressed up for evening. Due to the sheer nature of many of them, we'd like to suggest a few of our favorite slips to throw under so you can step out of the house stress-free.

Slips for darker skinSuitable for all | Half Slip | Slips for lighter skin


Wash: Hand wash in cold water or dry clean, and then hang to dry. Washing in warm water could potentially shrink the fabric, spread any dyes, as well as further set in stains. Washing in cold water helps preserve your piece longer, with the added benefit of helping the environment.

Dry: Machine-drying (particularly on warm heat) can damage the fabric as well as create wrinkles. We recommend hang drying inside, preferably on a standard hanger instead of a clothesline as to not pinch the piece. Another option is laying your caftan flat to dry, spaced apart from other pieces.

Pack: It's time to pack your Pondi away and hit the road (or a nearby beach). In order to avoid wrinkling your caftan, we recommend that you roll it and ensure to place around other pieces that won't snag it in your suitcase. 

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