Mother's Day Gift Guide

To all mothers of any kind - we cherish you, the children you raise, the people you inspire, the love you share and the kindness you emanate into the world. Here is to moms and the legacy that they leave.
With many of us spending Mother's Day (...and most days) inside, we curated a collection of gifts that will help mom cozy up like a queen - and be celebrated like one. Whether shopping for your mom or celebrating yourself, browse our top picks for this year’s must-have Mother’s Day gifts.
2 | 1960s Calendar | Zahava
3 | Dark Chocolate Gift Box | K + M Extravirgin Chocolate
 5 | Naila Caftan | Pondichérie

This mother's day we will be supporting The Napkin Network, a nonprofit started by a mom, aiming to "bridge the gap between Moms in Need and Moms who Care". We hope you'll join us.